Mr Zenon Basil PANOUSSIS, born in Caïro on 20.10.1956, residing at 1093 XA Amsterdam (Nederland), Tweede Van Swindenstraat 188,

- and notified him as follows -

to appear on MONDAY THIRTEEN DECEMBER OF THIS YEAR at nine o’clock in the morning at SECTION TEN B of the COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE of the court district of ANTWERP, that will be seated in the Court Building of Antwerp, first floor, room 11, entrance from Britselei.


To pronounce the claim acceptable, permissible and founded;

Thereafter to see and hear the defendant be ordered to pay to the complaining party the sum of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND BELGIAN FRANKS (2,478.94 EURO) provisionally for moral damages and ONE BELGIAN FRANK provisionally for material damages, to be increased with the legal and procedural interests;

To hear plaintiff ordered to remove the internet pages concerned within 24 hours of the ruling having been signed, with damages imposed of FIFTY THOUSAND BELGIAN FRANKS (1,239,47 EURO) per day and TEN THOUSAND BELGIAN FRANKS (247,89 EURO) per internet consultation;

To hear plaintiff ordered an injuction to further publications via whichever means of communication of libellous complaints and court files that directly or indirectly relate to the present and aforementioned suit;