That, failing this, hear plaintiff ordered to see confiscated the imposed sum of HUNDRED THOUSAND BELGIAN FRANKS (2,478.94 EURO) per publication;

Moreover to hear plaintiff ordered to pay the costs of the case, therein included the legal costs as provided by article 1022 of the Procedural Code;

Hear the ruling-to-be-pronounced declared to be immediately executable, despite any legal measure against it, without collateral and with the exclusion of every possibility of separation;

And so that the addressee of this shall not be ignorant of it;

Seeing that he has no known residence, abode or chosen domicile in Belgium;

That he is a resident of The Netherlands;

With consideration of article IV of the Protocol of the Convention between the member States of the EEC on the jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgements in civil and commercial matters, signed in Brussels on the 27th September 1968, law of 13 January 1971, published in the Belgisch Staatsblad of 31 March 1971, in force since 1 February 1973;

According to that I have delivered two copies of the act in question and of the documents mentioned therein in registered envelope and with acknowledgement of receipt today to the post office in Antwerp, to be sent to:

Meester P. SWIER
Overschiestraat 55

with the request to hand over one copy to the addressee according to the Dutch legislation and to send back the remaining copy to me, undersigned bailiff, together with the act of this delivery;