4th Continuation of report nr        /98. Investigation Services P.

"Shorthair" reacted to this with a look of " what is it of your business " but was nevertheless distracted and did not accompany Zenon to the small room.
In as far as I still remember, besides "Groin Grabber" a second person went to the small control room, somebody who I did not mention in my letter nor in other texts. I do not know exactly how long he was already there before a person who was called "Dick" or "Dirk" and who was dressed in a uniform went to that room. In any case I think that only 3 to 4 minutes passed between the entrance of the two plain-clothes gendarmes and the entrance of uniformed gendarme.

I was particularly struck by the attitude of the other gendarmes, who did not react at all to the brutal behaviour of "Groin Grabber". It was even so that they didn't even look up from what they were doing, which made me conclude that this harsh behaviour was part of the normal attitude.
During the time that PANOUSSIS was in the small room, I noticed that both "Groin Grabber" and the man in uniform went in and out of the small control room. I made some notes over this and I noted then that "Groin Grabber", said to one of his colleagues: he (Zenon) believes himself to be right.
It was so that my friend PANOUSSIS Zenon made comments about the legality of their actions. He questioned the control in its entirety.

While I was left back in the main control room and I was approximately eight to ten metres away from the room where Zenon was, I heard stumbling and I also heard Zenon yell something in English. Later, it transpired that he had called out that he was being beaten. Now, that did not surprise me, seeing the attitude of both persons. Oil had already been put on the fire because neither myself nor Zenon allow ourselves to be intimidated. None of the police officers that were present reacted, neither to the thumping nor to the yelling.

Zenon PANOUSSIS has a ready tongue, and I know his attitude in cases like this, so seeing the elements present on both sides I could guess that blows would be dealt.

While Zenon was still in the small control room, "Shorthair" checked my identity thoroughly, as well as the train tickets. Zenon had to sit on a bench in the direct vicinity of the small control room. We saw each other and he then made it clear to me by gestures that he had been beaten in the face and on the body. It was during this time that "Shorthair" searched Zenon's luggage too.