5th Continuation of report nr        /98. Investigation Services P.

Zenon had an identity card on himself, but his passport was between the pages of a book that was in his hand-luggage.

After this superficial control, during which "Shorthair" found a book in Zenon's luggage with my name and picture, he immediately showed this to "Groin Grabber". From this moment there was a clear change in their attitude and very shortly afterwards we could leave without any other formalities. PANOUSSIS, who came next to me with "Groin Grabber" enquired how his first name "Koen" was spelled. It was so that "Groin Grabber" had stated his name already earlier to PANOUSSIS, who though hadn't written it down. The gendarme then wrote his name CLONEN Koen together with the address of his unit, Kort Vlierstraat, ANTWERP, in my notebook. The gendarme didn't give any further explanations about the reason for our so-called "arrest". When I dropped the comment that they just picked us up so that they could show their power, CLONEN reacted saying that we could file a complaint against him, but that it would be their word (that of the gendarmerie as an institution) against ours.
I then told him that he had better read the papers, that there might appear an article. I was in Belgium on the invitation of the newspaper "De Morgen" and knew that I could bring my story to publicity this way.
I have preferred to not make a penal case, because the injuries were not such that Zenon would suffer any permanent damage and because I realised that it would be Zenon's word against that of CLONEN and his colleagues.
In as far as I had felt the wish to revenge the actions of the rijkswacht, that wish was totally gone when my article appeared in "De Morgen".

It is still my explicit wish that no penal case is initiated. You enquired about PANOUSSIS' injuries, I have to say that apart from a painful shoulder he seems to have suffered a cracked rib. The crack was established by his general practitioner, but was not confirmed by X-ray pictures.

It was so that initially, the Sunday and Monday after the events, the pain was not that prominent, but towards Wednesday the pain increased and he consulted a doctor. That is when the doctor diagnosed him and simply advised him to bear with the pain and let it heal quitely. No special bandages were put around the chest. The doctor explained in English that it could be a fracture or a crack, and that only time could heal it.