3rd Continuation of report nr        /98. Investigation Services P.

He told us that we were arrested. When PANOUSSIS asked on which grounds we were arrested there was no reply, but just the statement that we would soon find out. Later I came to understand that he did reply and said that it concerned drugs and identity control.

We followed the two gendarmes towards the exit, without any kind of resistance. PANOUSSIS walked next to me, and had already said in the English language that he would insist that everything would be done according to the rules.
Suddenly Zenon saw something laying on the ground in front of us, he even pointed it out to "Klotenknijper". Somebody – we couldn't see who – had evidently lost or thrown away something. I don't know exactly what it was or how much; I think it was one or two plastic bags. The gendarme in question took it along but he never mentioned it again.

We followed the gendarmes into a big room that was arranged for the occasion as a control room. The tables were arranged in a square in the middle, but with an opening so that the person to be controlled had to go in the middle. PANOUSSIS was led into that space and had to put his jeans jacket and a vest on the table, as well as his hand luggage.
I myself was asked to sit at a place away from the tables, which I refused. I wanted to remain present; on the one hand to see what would happen and on the other hand I myself had been arrested too according to them, so they should treat me as such. Finally they tolerated my presence near the tables, but I was pushed a bit backwards by one of the gendarmes.
It was especially "Klotenknijper" who acted rather harsh and aggressive

At a certain moment, I saw that gendarme grab PANOUSSIS Zenon harshly by the arm and pulling him out from the space between the tables and bring him in a very fast pace to a small enclosed space further down.
The manner in which the gendarme behaved, with his voice raised, red in the face, and an attitude that wouldn't tolerate no for an answer, led me to believe that no resistance was possible or that blows would be dealt.
Things happened so fast that PANOUSSIS partly walking, partly dragged by the gendarme, was brougt into the big contol room.

When PANOUSSIS was led to that side-room, 'Shorthair" wanted to join, but I pointed out somewhat demonstratively that his luggage and mine had still not been searched.