2nd Continuation of report nr        /98. Investigation Services P.

At approximately 13:15 the second author of these minutes leaves the hearing room, in order to be present at the hearing of Zenon PANOUSSIS. The hearing is continued by the first author.
I have previously described clearly this grabbing in the genitals and I do confirm it now too. It was obvious that the gendarme was looking for something in the crotch, he wasn't so much pinching in the proper sense of the word, but rather pushing and kept moving his hand in the crotch.

My friend PANOUSSIS made remarks in English, in the vein of " that big crime is being fought here, that it was obvious why they picked on these two youngsters, who without doubt were big criminals". He also made a remark about Dutroux country. I continued with the words: "Being able to indulge your homosexuality while becoming a hero. Wonderful profession."

We could clearly see that the gendarmes disliked our presence and our comments. The short-haired gendarme looked at us angrily.

Both PANOUSSIS and I made a few more remarks in connection with what I felt was an illegal control and search, about the fact that we were in Dutroux country et cetera.
Only "Shorthair" reacted, with the words "What do you mean?" The searched boys remained standing in the same place. In any case, it did not seem to me, either from what had I seen or from the reactions, that the search had any positive results.

Shortly before the train reached the ANTWERP Central Station, a third plain-clothes gendarme came to the exit platform, accompanying a youth of non-foreign origin, who was also searched, he had to remove all personal belongings from his pockets, remove his wrist watch etc.
This caused the person whom I have named "Shorthair" to comment in the vein of: now you see that we check people without consideration of the person.
Because we were reaching the end station, other people too came to the exit platform.

Once the train arrived in ANTWERPEN we left the train and I took place in my wheel chair. In the train I had been moving with the help of my stick. When we had walked some fifty meters on the platform towards the exit, the gendarme who had conducted the search on the train comes to us and tells us that we have to come with him.