1st Continuation of report nr        /98. Investigation Services P.

- at my request, certain investigations can be undertaken or that a certain hearings can be carried out;
- that my statements can be used in court.
- that I can use all documents that are in my possession and that I can ask that these be added to the minutes of my hearing or filed at the clerk's office.

Via the media, both printed press and broadcasting press, and through a letter to your office I have voiced my dissatisfaction about the actions of the Antwerp gendarmerie on Saturday August 29. I hereby give permission for my letter to your committee to be attached to the current minutes. I am aware of the fact that both documents will be handed in to the Lord Prosecutor of the King in ANTWERPEN.

On Saturday August 29 1999, my friend Zenon PANOUSSIS and I were travelling on the international train Holland-Belgium when we became witnesses to a control performed by plain-clothes gendarmes.
My friend and I were seated in a train compartment and saw how a gendarme who I later referred to as "Groin Grabber" demanded that two youths of North-African origin accompany him to the exit platform. In the train compartment itself, a control of their identity as well as of their coats had already taken place.

At the moment when both youths had to go to the exit platform, a second gendarme in civilian joined them.

My friend PANOUSSIS, who did not trust what was going on, told me that we should go and join them. On the exit platform the two gendarmes were searching youngsters, but one search was almost done and we witnessed the search that was conducted by the man whose name I know to be CLONEN Koen.

The foreigner stands upright with arms and legs spread, his back turned towards the wall of the train.

I told Zenon in the English language, audibly to the gendarmes: "Considering how long this groin inspection is taking, you'd think that this officer takes pleasure in what he's doing, he must be a suppressed homosexual. It seems to me a wonderful job the police, when you're a closet homosexual."
This was a reaction to the attitude of the searching gendarme who, without any reservation, was investigating the crotch of one of the foreigners rather extensively.