Permanent Commitee of
Control of the
Police Services

Investigations Service

Wetstraat, 52
1040 Brussel

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Report nr.:   /98

Following our report nr


Interrogation of SPAINK Karin


            Our ref :8907/98

Sent to the Lord Prosecutor of the King in ANTWERPEN


The Chief of the Investigation Service P


Today the nineteenth October, nineteen hundred and ninety eight at 13.00 hours

We, DEMOERLOOSE Walter and KUHN François,

Member of the Investigation Service P., Officer of the Judicial Police, assistant officer of the Lord Prosecutor of the King,

establish, after having conducted a non judicial research ordered by the Permanent Committee P, that there are possible elements present to start an investigation and therefore, at the bureau of the GPP in Ghent, note the following declaration of:

    gborn in AMSTERDAM on 20 December 1957 en
    resident of 1018 LPAMSTERDAM,
    xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
    Dutch nationality
Dutch passport nr X242071

who wishes to express herself in Dutch.

She declares to us :

" I choose to speak Dutch, both in this hearing and in court cases. My interrogation starts at 13:05.
I take notice of the fact that:
- I can request that all questions asked and all answers that I give will be noted as phrased.