In the year 1900 ninety-nine, on the seventeenth of November.


Mr Koen CLONEN, Gendarme, for the purposes of this case having chosen domicile at the offices of his counsel lawyer Katrien CRAUWELS, barrister at the Antwerpen Court, with offices in 2018 Antwerpen, Mechelsesteenweg 210/A; (ref.: 98.377)

Seeing that defendant exploits a web page or at the least is the publisher responsible;

That defendant has devoted a seperate homepage on this web page to a lawsuit that applicant has filed against the friend and life partner of the defendant, mrs SPAINK, for libel and defamation and a libellous report to the government;

Seeing that not only the name of the website but also the comments in three languages that it contains, are immensely libellous, slanderous and even vexing to applicant;

That this website moreover does not onbly contain the full text of the lawsuit in Dutch, French and English, but also a sccanned version of the original and signed lawsuit;

That on this webpage, plaintiff also publishes certain biasedly selected files of a by now dismissed penal case in which only the version of the facts according to plaintiff and the afore-mentioned SPAINK are presented;

That plaintiff has masked both his own personal data as those of mrs SPAINK, but has fully retained all data pertaining to applicant;

That the address of this internetsite has been published in at least one Belgium magazine;