In other words: one could berate, suspend or dismiss Groin Grabber, but according to my firm conviction he is not the problem. The man considered himself covered by his colleagues, by his position, by the police culture; in short: what happened here was normal, and that is the problem.

The man that I nick-named 'Groin Grabber' is called Koen Clonen. One of the gendarmes who joined Clonen in the side-room arrived after Clonen had called someone; the name he used was 'Dick' or 'Dirk'. The man that I described as 'Short Hair' was not present at the battering; I do not know his name, but I would recognise his face without difficulty.

Both Zenon Panousis and myself are prepared to witness under oath about these events in front of your commission.

With friendly but upset regards,

Karin Spaink