Ourselves, we explain our arrest somewhat differently: we witnessed in the train how these two gendarmes - that I referred to in De Morgen as 'Groin Grabber' and 'Short Hair' - were treating two young North Africans in a rather intimidating way: with our presence we hoped to prevent worse. We also made a number of remarks to each-other, in which we commented upon and ridiculed the behaviour of the gendarmes. We believe that, though our arrest, they wanted to punish us for our - in their view - obstinate behaviour. The reason why Panoussis was later battered was, except for the abovementioned, that he refused to undress for them. He told the gendarmes that, if they thought that his trousers and shoes should be taken off, they ought to take them off themselves: he refused to co-operate in an illegal search that was following on top of an illegal arrest. Nevertheless, at no time did he offer resistance.
   Our release was just as remarkable as our arrest. When Short Hair, after the battering, finally searched Panoussis' bag, he found in it a book with my name and photograph on it. He showed the book to Groin Grabber, the two spoke briefly, and a few minutes later we were told that we could leave.

It is with some hesitation that I give you the real name of the man that I in my earlier descriptions of this affair have consistently called 'Groin Grabber'. My hesitation is prompted by the following:

- When Groin Grabber took Panoussis by the arm to the side-room were Panoussis was to be searched, it was evident by all signs (the angry voice of Groin Grabber, the manner in which Groin Grabber grabbed Panoussis, the half-dragging) that a beating was imminent. None of the gendarmes present paid any attention. They gave the clear impression that this was customary. When we finally were allowed to leave, Groin Grabber even challenged us to file a complaint. What he meant was evident: "Ah, it's only your word against mine. I can do what I want."

- Groin Grabber was not the only one to use violence: he just happens to be the only one whose name we know. Two other gendarmes were present at the battering. One of them - in uniform - participated, the other one watched.

- At a certain moment, Panoussis shouted from the side-room that he was being beaten. None of the gendarmes present in the arrest local - in total some ten men - reacted. I was at some fifteen metres distance and heard his shouting and the upheaval. The gendarmes on duty were all closer than I was, they must have heard it too. No-one went to check what was going on.

- The Gendarmerie, as a government authority, is responsible for the behaviour of its individual employees. When one of them abuses the power derived from his position, and others ignore the abuse, let alone try to stop it, the entire organization becomes tainted.