understand the whole conversation.
At this point the uniformed policeman told me that for the last time or I had to take out my shoes or I would end up at the floor. This was a threat. So I layed down on the floor myself on my backside. I pulled up my legs so he could put off my shoes. CLONEN told me to get up. I got up and then he throw me back to the floor. I'm not completely sure if the second gendarme was present when this happened. I felt on my arm and ended up on my back. CLONEN was taking off my left shoe without undoing my shoelaces. He was twisting and pulling on my foot and finally he was undoing the laces and he got my shoe off. He somehow had lost control.
After the first shoe got off and before the second one I'm sure that the second policeman was present. I think CLONEN told me then to get up. I stood up.

CLONEN told me again to take off my other shoe. I said no and finally CLONEN hit me on thehead. Then somehow I landed on the floor. (I weigh about 63 kg and 1 measure 1m78).
He gripped me with one hand by the hair and lifted me halfway up. While he was holding me with one hand, he was hitting me with the other hand in the chest, the stomach, several times along the ribs. I did not defend nor protect myself. It was merely a mental confrontation.
I couldn't stand on my feet , nor on my knees. I was out of balance, and I didn't want to defend myself. This went on for sometime but I received quite a number of blows. Then he stopped. He or the other policeman, I don't remember exactly, ordered again to take off my shoe.

Again I refused to take it off, one of the policeman I don't remember exactly which one throw me down on the floor. The uniformed policeman put his foot on my underbelly and CLONEN put his food on my throat. So I had to turn my head on the side to protect my throat. Then I felt a pressure of a foot on my chest and I think this was the moment that I was injured on my rib. Most probably this was the foot of the unifomed policeman. This policeman finally took my second shoe off. The doctor couldn't tell if the rib was broken or cracked. I only went to see a doctor one week after this happened, because I didn't feel much pain in the beginning. The pain became worst only one week after the incident. I'm working in an office and my injuries only caused minor workdisturbancies.

When finally my second shoe was off, they let me go. The uniformed policeman left the room. CLONEN stayed. I asked if I could put on my belt, he said yes. I asked if I could put on my shoes, he said yes. I put together my hair again. Before the uniformed policeman had left the room he told me that my arrest now had become judicial. Then I was ordered to go back to the big room and to sit down on one of the banks. KARIN was still on the same place where I had left her near the tables. I had to wait there for 15 minutes.
Someone, I think it was the policeman Karin called 'kort haar', searched my bag which was on the table. They didn't find anything increminating.While I was waiting, a oriental-looking woman was also waiting. A female