your questions I can give you the following information:

On saturday the 29 th of august 1998 around five or six in the afternoon, I and my friend SPAINK Karin were witnissing a policecontrol on the international train from Amsterdam to Antwerp.

We were sitting in the train compartment and we were seeing how two young people from north african origine were invited by one 'gendarme' to go in the exitroom. Before that there was already a control regarding their identity and their jacket. In the exitroom a second 'gendarme' joined them.

I proposed to my friend to go stand in the exitroom and to see what was going on in the exitroom. To me the situation looked strange since they had been checked already on their papers.

I was making some remarks to my friend on the way they were searching the two young people. Each gendarme checked each one of the youngster. Both of the youngster were leaning against the exitdoor and they were being searched first superficially, and then more and more thoroughly. There was no privacy at all. Especially one of the gendarme was not only searching but was more intimidating. Later one this gendarme identified himself as mister CLONEN. When the gendarme started touching the youngster' genitals for quite a while, my friend KARIN made the remark that the job of a gendarme must be a good one as a crypto-homosexual.

I got into a discussion with the other gendarme. He asked me if I was a cop. I said no. He said in a polite and sober tone that he had a nose for 'this'. I assumed he meant for picking out criminals on the train. Then I said to Karin let us not forget that we are in the DUTROUX-country.

After that not much was said any more. Then the youngsters, one at a time had to go in the toilet. CLONEN was standing in the door of the toilet. We couldn't see what was happening but we can suppose what was going on.

At that time a third policeman joined them. CLONEN told the youngsters that they would have to step out in Antwerp to fill out some papers and that after that they would be free to go.

As far as we were present nothing was found on them by the police.

At this point we arrived almost in the trainstation in Antwerp. We got out of the train and passed the two youngsters and the police. Then something very strange happened. All of a sudden CLONEN came behind us and told us that we had to go along too. He showed his service ID card. I asked him why. He replied: 'Identity and drugscontrol'. I sald OK. KARIN made the remark that we were going to miss our trainconnection to Gent. He said that it will not take much time. I replied that on the contrary it would take a lot of time since he will do it according to the book. All this happened on the perron of the trainstation. He laughed at me, and there was no more