Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 15:35:30 +0100
From: Zenon Panoussis <>
To: Katrien Crauwels <>
CC: Karin Spaink <>

I have just read your letter of November 10 through the copy that you 
sent to Ms. Spaink.

First of all, let me point out to you that I am the sole responsible 
for the site in question. Ms Spaink has neither any control over it 
nor any responsibility for it. 

Secondly, I must state that I consider the site and all its contents to 
be fully legal and I have no intention whatsoever to take it down or 
remove any part of it. On the contrary, I will as soon as possible add 
your latest letter to it, together with this reply. Your client, who 
is indeed a shameless creep and deserves no good name at all, is more 
than welcome to sue me here in The Netherlands. Seeing that I am a 
resident of the Netherlands and that the site itself is currently hosted 
here, I will give no furtherance to a lawsuit in Belgium. However, I am 
convinced that a lawsuit against me will increase the visibility of the 
site, which perfectly serves the purposes of it.

Finally I would like to suggest that you study the workings of Internet 
in free speech contexts before you start threatening. You should advise 
your client that if he would indeed succeed in taking down the current 
site, numerous mirrors would immediately emerge in other countries, run 
by people who will not accept your client's attempts to suppress the
truth about his despicable behaviour.