policeman came in and she and the other woman went to the small room. We thought that at this moment they would search Karin but the female policewoman left and Karin was not searched at any time.

Since I was too far away from Karin I could not talk to her, but with gestures I tried to explain her to go away.
Policeman 'Kort haar' find a book written by Karin in my bag and inside the book was my passport and drivers'licence. He took the book and licence to somebody else and a few minutes later I was told to go. I went to KARIN. CLONEN came there. I asked him what happened with that judicial arrest. He sald we'were free to go and that was it. There was some more discussion between KARIN and CLONEN. CLONEN told her that she could lodge a complaint. On this KARIN replied he should read the papers and that he might find himself down in it.

The reason why I didn't lodge a complaint is that I am convinced that if I do it at the same policestation who has to do the investigation, the investigation would not be done coreectly . And making a report although I think this way would be insulting myself.

I take notice of the fact that you in your competence of an officor of judicinal police , you have the obligance to declare all violence with beatings to the Procureur des Konings.

I will send you the medical certificate registrated to the address of the Comité P.

I take notice that you inform me of the fact that I can receive a copy of my audition free of charge. I want to receive such a copy. You deliver me this document."

The hearing is ending at 17.00 o'clock.

After reading it himself, he confirms and signs,


Which is noted,


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