There was a lot of people on the perron. We went the same direction of the people. CLONEN was behind us , from half a meter to one meter on the right of me. All of a sudden we saw two plastic bags with something green in it. The bags were about twenty on fifteen centimeters big , which were nodded. KARIN exclaimed: 'ah there they got lucky!'. CLONEN picked up the two bags and said nothing. The two north africans youngster were behind us.
We continued to follow CLONEN to the personnels' restaurant of which you are showing me the pictures. After that nothing was mentionned any more about the plastic bags.

In the middle of the room the tables were set in a U-form. I was told to go inside the U-form and Karin to stay on the other side of the tables. I had to wait for a couple of minutes.
Then CLONEN told me to go outside of the U-form. I was wearing my jeans jacket and a leather vest. I was told to take my jeans and leatherjacket out and to put them on the table and to empty my pockets which I also did. Then CLONEN told KARIN to go away. She refused because shehad been told she is under arrest.
Then CLONEN told me to take out my shoes. I said no, if you want them to take them out, take them out. He grapped me by the arm and wanted to make a move. I replied that my money is still on the table and he allowed me to put it in my pocket. He dragged me to a room ( see pictures: a seperate room in the corner of the restaurant).

The moment we went in, I don't remember if he asked me again to put of my shoes or not , but almost immediately he hit me with the back of his hand on the side of my head. At this point I screamed that he was beating me in English. That was for KARIN to know and also for CLONEN to know that other people know. He ordered again to take out my shoes which I refused again. I told him that I only would do this if he could show me a regulation or a law which obliged me to do it and then I would do it. After he hit me the first time he closed the door of the room. I had put my left foot on the table. I told him you can do it and if he can show me any regulation for me to do it, I would do it. He didn't move to my foot but he hit me one or twice more with his fist. I just stood looking at him and I said I will still not take it off. Then CLONEN asked me to take off my belt , I refused. So he pulled it off. And then he pulled off my trousers until my knees. And then I was allowed to put my trousers on again.

At this point 1 think we were joined by a second policeman in uniform. I got the impression he was CLONEN's superior, but this is only an impression. The second agent asked me to rake off my shoes. I replied him the same that if you can show me any documents which prove that I have to do it I shall do it. He came back with a brochure but he couldn't find anything to show me the legal regulations. At some point he gave up looking in the brochure. He just told me to take off my shoes now.
Our conversations were a mixture of English and Dutch language, hut I did