That these facts constitute an illegal act through the violation of, among others, articles 1382- 1383 of the Civil Code and are even penal offences against articles 275, 443, 447 and 448 of the Penal Code;

Seen that the plaintiff has suffered considerable immaterial damage through these acts;

Amongst other reasons, seeing that due to the internal investigation, the promotion of the plaintiff was postponed;

That moreover, due to these imputations made by the defendant and the nickname "Groin Grabber", plaintiff became the subject of ridicule and contempt within the force, whereby his professional capabilities and his position as a superior were brought to doubt;

Seeing also that the plaintiff claims compensation for the damage that he has suffered;

That this damage ex aequo et bono can be estimated at BEF 100.000;

For these reasons, I, Roger VANDENHENDE,
Bailiff with seat in Antwerpen,
and offices at 2018 Antwerpen 1, Justitiestraat 20,


Ms Karin SPAINK, resident at 1018 Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 2nd Wittenburgerstraat 74,

- and notified her as follows -